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Coaching Program - 10 meter Air Rifle Shooting and Pistol Shooting

In India shooting sport has won maximum medals in Olympic Events.

Today throughout India and Maharashtra new Champions are being developed due to international shooting range Facilities. One of such facilities who is walking on the path of creating future champion shooter is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak Samiti, 10 meter Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting range this shooting range is with wide arms for individuals who want to step in the word of Shooting Sport. we feel proud that our shooting range is used for training by 4 International Shooters , 2 Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee, 10 national Medalist, 10 selection trails Shooters for International Competition,10 National Players and 20 State player.

Category Age Syllabus Purpose Days Time Duration Vacancy Fees Action
Basic Batch Tuesday 6 - 7 pm
7 to 8 pm
12 days 3500/- APPLY
Weekend Batch Saturday , Sunday 2 hours per day 4 days 3000/- APPLY

  • All material for the Basic Course will be provided by Shooting Range
  • Basic Course will conduct on Indian Weapon.

Shooting Range Membership Charges
Age 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Below 16 Years 2000/- 5000/- 8000/-
Between 16 - 21 Years 2500/- 6500/- 10000/-
Above 21 Years 3000/- 8000/- 12000/-

Shooting Range Non-Membership (Hourly Basis)
Category Non Electronic Target Electronic Target
Non-Members (Hourly Basis) Rs.125/- per Hour Rs.200/- per Hour
Members (Hourly Basis) Rs.100/- per Hour Rs.150/- per Hour
Only for National & International Shooters-Members & Non-Members Rs.2500/-
Range fees + Locker +Electronic Target
Daily 2 Hours
Only for National & International Shooters - Non Electronic Targets 1500/-
Open Sight & Peep Slight Air Rifle, Air Pistol
Daily 1 Hour

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Jitesh Kadam (ISSF Coach and Judge – Jury) and Snehal Kadam (ISSF Coach)- 8108830123

Shushant Dhuri- 8169361966

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For Associations 1. State Level. 2. Pre-national Level 3. National Level 4. Selection Trials 5. World Cup 6. Olympics

For School 1. District Level 2. Zonal Level 3. State Level 4. National Level

For College 1. University Level 2. All India University Level 3. World University